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Experience the authentic flavors of Jamaica with our delicious menu. Indulge in jerk chicken, spicy curries, and traditional rice and peas – all made with fresh ingredients. Our warm and inviting atmosphere will transport you straight to Jamaica. Come taste the sunshine and embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other!

I recently visited a Jamaican restaurant and was blown away by the incredible food and atmosphere. The moment you step through the door, you're transported to the island with vibrant colors, reggae music, and friendly staff. The menu is full of authentic Jamaican dishes, and each one is bursting with flavor. I highly recommend trying their jerk chicken, it's some of the best I've ever had! The dish was perfectly cooked with a delicious blend of spices that gave it a fiery kick. The sides were just as impressive, from the rice and peas to the plantains. The portions were generous, and the prices were reasonable. The restaurant has a vibzy and inviting ambiance that makes it a great spot for both lunch dinners and group gatherings. Overall, I had an amazing experience and can't wait to return. If you're looking for a taste of Jamaica, this restaurant should be at the top of your list.

Patrick Greenish

A Regular Customer At Chicken-&-Tings

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