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At Chicken-&-Tings LTD, safeguarding your personal privacy is not only a top priority, but it is also a part of our mission. With that in mind, we take extra care to ensure that every bit of personal information you disclose to us is kept safe and secure using the most advanced security measures available.

Rest assured that any data that you provide to us is used exclusively for the purposes you have explicitly requested and consented to, and in complete adherence to all legal requirements and regulations regarding data protection. At the same time, we vow to remain transparent about our data collection processes, ensuring that you always receive complete transparency in terms of how we use and process your information.

To provide the best possible website experience, we gather anonymous, non-personal information about your user journey on our platform, which enables us to enhance our services and tailor our content to your needs. We are also always open to hearing feedback, comments, or concerns you may have about our privacy policy or data processing and are committed to addressing them professionally and promptly. Thank you so much for trusting us with your personal information, and we are honored to serve you as your provider of choice.

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